Saint Anne's ChapelĀ 
Raymond - Knowles, CA

Parish Servants:  Assignments

Saint Anne's is a community of the Lord's servants, committed to following in the path of Jesus Christ.  We are always looking for people to help us continue the Lord's work both within our parish or outside.  If you feel the calling to help with the Mass as a lector, altar server, communion minister ,usher, or in an admistrative way such as the Altar Guild, please contact us.

The Lord Wants You!
So Do We!


Parish Servant Assignments
Interested in Serving?
Email the person below by clicking on their name.

                     Music/Cantors    Cheley S.               
                                        Lectors    Tammy C.                     
Communion Ministers   Richard R.   
   Altar Servers    Lisa G.

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