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Raymond - Knowles, CA

Saint Marello Bookstore

Saint Marello's Bookstore
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Located on the campus of St. Joachim Church, Madera
              211 North J Street Madera, California 93637
Phone:  1-559-662-0682

Bookstore Hours: 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 1:30-7:30, Thursday 10-7:30, Saturday 10-8
Open the second Sunday of each month 7:30-2:00 and 4:30-8:00.

The mission of St. Marello Bookstore 
is to provide reliable Catholic teaching and inspiration to guide our lives through today's confusion and mis-information.

Books in all genres: Bibles, Bible Study, Apologetics, Church History, Liturgy, Devotion, Spirituality, Saints, Family Life, Pro Life, Women and Men’s Studies, Children’s books and more. 
Over 5500 titles and over 18,000 books in both English and Spanish and Gift  items—statues, rosaries, pictures, baptismal gifts, jewelry, crosses, medals and much more. 
Special Orders and Church Ministry Orders Welcome.

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