Saint Anne's Chapel 
Raymond - Knowles, CA

Who We Are: A Tradition of Faith

Saint Anne's is a mission church of Saint Joachim, of the diocese of Fresno, CA, and under the spiritual direction of the Oblates of Saint Joseph, Santa Cruz, CA.

In the name of our  Patron, Saint Anne, the Mother of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, ours is a parish of  followers, committed to the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI,  who as the successor of Peter, is the perpetual and visible principle and foundation of  the faithful.

Our Shepherds

Pastor: Fr. John Warburton, O.S.J. 


Associate Pastor:   Fr. Gustavo Lopez, O.S.J.

Associate Pastor:  Fr. Shaji Athipozhi, O.S.J.

Associate Pastor:  

Fr. James Catalano, O.S.J.


Permanent Deacon:  Steve Taylor



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